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    Level Up The Selfie Experience

    This interactive Mirror Booth will surely make your event more exciting and fun.

    Simple Steps on Engage for an Ultimate Selfie Experience in the Mirror Me Booth:

    1.    Step up near the mirror.
    2.   Touch the mirror to start.
    3.   Pose and take a selfie.
    4.   Print the photo.
    5. Share your digital photo in social media (Facebook, Twitter and Email)
    5R customized photo print (12 second printing time)
    Touch screen mirror
    Live view screen with animated countdown
    Elegant set up with studio lights
    Curtain Backdrop
    Fun Props for guests to enjoy the experience
    Friendly Onsite Staff
    Social Media Upload (guests can send their video files in Email, Facebook, and Twitter)
    Digital copy of files shared via Dropbox

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    Canadian English